EVENTS : 2017-18


Date : 27th Mar 2018 - 3rd Apr 2018

Breif : For understanding of practical detail in construction , landscape development and architectural presentation, the special activity was conducted for 3rd and 4th yr. students. we arranged this outdoor activity every year for 2nd, 3rd ,4th yr. students except 1st yr. students. During this activity, the Students has designed a O.A.T. , stage for flag hosting and many more things. Simultaneously, the students has learned the basics of construction from layout to execution. The students has zeal fully designed and execute all the things and during this, student has enjoyed a lot.


Date : 25th Mar 2018

Breif : A project presentation for wildlife and nature conservation. Maharashtra Department of Forest has organized a competition named "Melghat Tiger Tech” , organized at V.N.I.T. campus ,Nagpur on 25 March 2018. The topic was based on A Project Presentation for wildlife and nature conservation , where 4th yr. had and designed forest camp with maximum ventilation, and indigenously designed light and cooling system by minimizing external energy source. For this, they selected as a Finalist.


Date : 7th Feb 2018

Breif : In P.R. Pote (Patil) Group of Education Institute , Pragat Din of Gajanand Maharaj was celebrated by worshipping. All the students and staff members of whole campus had attained the Parayan Programme with the rally of Gajanan Maharaj Palakhi was ended with Mahaprasad in Gajanan Maharaj Temple of Pote Township ( backside of college campus). All the students along with staff has worshipped them.


Date : 6th Mar 2018

Breif : The cultural Programme is a core festival to everyone in the institution, and has an objective of giving an opportunity to all students with enriching activities such as performances of music, Dance, etc. This type of programme conducted in each year and each year, become special, by the student performances.This performance was appreciated and enjoyed by All persons who attended. Simultaneously, we have celebrated the traditional day, where every faculty and student has come into their traditional outfits. Below photos, All these moments were unable to cover a whole programme, but it can give a quick look of the surrounding environment.


Date : 05th Mar 2018

Breif : In every year of gathering, Bicycle rally has been conducted on different days and for different goals or for giving awareness messages to the society. This rally was inaugurated on 5th of March. This rally was started from Panchavati and it was over on campus. Everyone in the staff and students from different departments has gathered at the location of Panchavati, then everyone has travelled together towards our institute campus by their owned bicycle. This time, the bicycle rally was for motivating green mobility and to celebrate a woman’s day in the campus.