EVENTS : 2019-2020

Graduation Ceremony


By : All year students with staff.

Breif : As per university guidelines every year the graduation ceremony is observed at which the students are feliciated with their degrees at their hands of distingushed guests accordingly the different batches have been felictitated.

Guest visit of Swapnil Gawande

Date : 15th Feb 2019

By : All year students with staff and parents

Breif : The seminar aimed to create first level IPR awareness among the teachers, student teachers and young intellectuals about the beneficial aspects of patenting their creative and novel ideas, inventions etc... Such awareness would in turn be highly essential for the promotion of creativity, research and technical advancements as well as application into market.

Gajanan Maharaj Pragat Din Celebration

Date : 25th Feb 2019

By : All year students, teaching, nonteaching staff

Breif : In P.R. Pote (Patil) Group of Education Institute , Pragat Din was celebrated every year. All the students and staff members of whole campus attained the Parayan Programme with rally (Gajanan Maharaj Palakhi) ended with Mahaprasad in Gajanan Maharaj Temple of Pote Township ( backside of college campus). All the students along with staff enjoyed a lot..


Date : 14th Jan 2019

By : All year students, teaching, nonteaching staff

Breif : Every year in P.R.P.C.O.A election between students takes place for various posts:
G.S(General Secretary) : Saransh Chauhan, Roshan Hirulkar
J.S.(Joint Secretary) : Shubham Patil, Abdul Imran
L.R.(Ladies Representative) : Revati Mundhada, Rachna Gandhi
Interested Students from 4th year and 3rd year took part in election Those students were allowed to canvasize themselves and they did the vote appeal from Students from 1st yr to 5th year.

Prajwalan Competition

Date : 1st Mar 2019

By : 4th year

Breif : A National level Technical Festival “Prajwalan19” was held in Government College of Engineering, Amravati. A Town & layout planning competition was held under this technical festival. Rachna Gandhi & Saransh Chauhan , students from 4th yr. Architecture , were participated in the competition, ang won first prize of the competition.
Design Brief : Design a township near Amravati-Nagpur National Highway. Tota area: 12 acres Requirements : Residential-50%, Commercial–8%, Amenities’ -22%, Open spaces -20%

Parents Meet

Date : 3rd Nov 2018

By : All year students with parents including teaching and nonteaching staff

Breif : This year parents meeting was held in the college for all the students In order to share the overall performance of the students with their parents All the students actively participated in this meet with their parents Parents was allowed to share their experiences with us as well as to give various advices regarding the curriculum The main motto of this meet was to cope up with the difficulties the students are facing as well as the complaints the parents have so as to improvise it as far as possible Provision of snacks was also done after the meet for parents and students as well.

Rakhi Making Competition

Date : 18th Sept 2018

By : 1st year

Breif : On the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan on 18 Sept., Rakhi making competition was organised for the students. theme of the competition is Best out of Waste. Students used different types of materials such as newspaper, tread etc. were used. Even in the short period, the students have always surprised us all. The glimpse of that day has been shown below from some photos.

Ganesh Making Activity

Date : 8th Sept 2018

By : 1st year

Breif : Ganesh making activity was conducted for the students were given freedom in choosing the medium for making the idol. The medium used were stone, clay, paper, leafs, soaps. Students actively participated in the activity and gave an amazing output and glimpse of that activity can see below.

Welcoming of 1st yr. students

Date : 18th Aug 2018

By : All year students with staff and parents

Breif : First year students are welcomed in the college at the very first day with their parents Students were introduced with the faculties and meet and greet between seniors and juniors was held PRINCIPLE SANJAY DESHMUKH SIR gave the brief introduction regarding architecture to the students Hon. Mohammad Zuhair also addressed the students and wished them for their entire journey Faculties shared their experiences and gave a warm welcome to all the freshers Some senior students guided them and shared their experiences as well The students was greeted with flowers.