Innovative Activites

This college has been carrying many best practices since it's inception. Some of them can be listed as below:

  1. Documentation of remote and historically important sites. Towards this the institue aligns it's study tour routing through such sites. We have visited various sites in various past years such as:
    • Sasram Bihar - Shershaah Suri's Tomb
    • Goa - St. Bom Jesus Church
    • Ter(Maharashtra) - An apsidal Buddhist Temple oldest structure.
    • Lothal Gujrat - Harrappam Civilization dock and settlement.
    • Mitaoli, Morena(M. P.) - Chausath yogini circular temple on which of parliamentary house Delhi is based.
    • Patteshwar Kubhakonam(T.N.) - Patteshwar temple UNESCO heritage site where Gopuram and Dravidian style evolved.
    • Lonar(Maharashtra) - Various ancient temple in Lonar Lake and precinct.
    • Daryapur(Maharashtra) - Shiva Temple at Lasur stepped well at Mahimapur.
  2. Executed Landscape pauses designed by students every year. Fourth year student design pauses in college precinct where students actually execute these designs on site to make them friendly with plantation and other elements of landscape designs on site to make them friendly with plantation, and other elements of landscape design.
  3. Housing project desgin in varying field and site conditions towards this we provide the design sites such as:
    • Earthquake affected regions.
    • Dam affected rural settlments.
    • Rural settlements around the fringe of towns.
    • Rural settlements in drought prone areas.